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Washington University in St. Louis
Student Financial Services


Tuition Costs and Billing Information


Tuition $48,950  
Student Activities Fee 490  
Health and Wellness Fee 330  
Student Health Fee 1,512 ^
Total Charges (excluding room and board)
Typical University Room and Board
15,596 *
Total Charges (including room and board)


Typical Books and Supplies $  980   
Estimated Transportation Expenses 1,276   
Estimated Personal Expenses 2,132   
Estimated Total Cost of Attendance $71,266   
^Student Health Fee represents the cost of the Student Health Insurance Plan. All undergraduate students are automatically enrolled in the basic student health insurance plan. Visit the Student Health Services website for more information about the Student Health Fee and the waiver process.
*The costs above are for full time undergraduate students. Room and board are based on a modern double-room in University housing and the Silver Plan meal plan. Expenses not billed by the university will vary by student.

 Go to Office of Residential Life website

Washington University uses electronic billing. You will not receive a paper bill. You may view your bill and provide access to others through your student account. Bills for tuition and housing (including meals) are e-billed in July, with payment due in August for the fall semester. Spring semester bills are e-billed in December, with payment due in January.
Half of your total university scholarships, federal or state grants, and Perkins loan is credited to your university charges in the fall and will appear on your July bill, and the other half is credited in the spring and will appear on your December bill. If your credits for the semester exceed your university charges, you will receive the difference either by check or electronic funds transfer.
Federal Direct loans (Stafford) are applied to your account each semester once they are disbursed. If you borrow using a Federal Direct loan (Stafford), the proceeds will automatically be credited toward your university charges (half in the fall and half in the spring). If your loan exceeds what you owe at that time, the university will return the difference to you, either by check or electronic funds transfer, about 10 days after we receive your funds.
If you receive an outside scholarship from a private source (scholarship foundation, high school, parent's employer, etc.), you will receive credit toward your University charges once the University receives the funds from the awarding agency. 
Please note: If you have a Federal Work-Study job, your earnings are not credited to the charges on your bill. Instead, you will be paid every other week for hours worked. This income is typically used for ongoing expenses, such as transportation, recreation, or clothing.
Student Financial Services • Washington University in St. Louis • One Brookings Drive, Campus Box 1041, St. Louis, MO 63130
(888) 547-6670 or (314) 935-5900 • (314) 935-4037 Fax • • Located in N. Brookings Hall, Room 75 • M-F 8:30am - 5:00pm CST