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Washington University in St. Louis
Student Financial Services

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Scholarship Providers

It is the policy of Washington University that receipt of an outside scholarship will not result in a reduction of the student’s Washington University scholarship.

In rare cases, the university is compelled to reduce the student's Washington University scholarship. These infrequent situations include:

  • When the total amount of all scholarships and grants exceeds the student's annual cost of attendance at Washington University.
  • When the student has been awarded a federal or state grant as part of the financial assistance package and the total of these grants - along with a Washington University scholarship and outside scholarships - would exceed that student's cost.

Please note: The federal government requires students to report their outside scholarships to Student Financial Services. You may do this on behalf of the student by providing our office with a copy of the outside scholarship award letter or certificate.

 On behalf of Washington University and our students, we thank you for providing scholarship support! 
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